Works Naturally

Our  products are formulated for function. Each product contains scientifically backed active ingredients to produce real results. We believe in products that help to restore balance to your skin. By utilising certified natural ingredients with powerful actives , we deliver natural personal care specifically designed for function.

Get in touch with nature


What’s in our products?

Each of our products uses certified natural ingredients to ensure that you are truly getting high quality natural products. With potent active ingredients like natural jojoba oil and cocoa butter to nourish and nurture your skin. These actives help maintain and restore your natural skin barrier. For sensitive and dry skin we opt to use gentle and moisturising ingredients in our hypoallergenic formulas.

Our products do not contain petroleum based synthetic fragrances or colours and only contain natural pure essential oils to minimise risk of allergy.

Our Certification

Certified by Australian Certified Organic to COSMOS Natural ensures safety and naturalness.

But what is COSMOS Certification? COSMOS Natural is a natural cosmetic standard that ensures that each ingredient used is certified to a natural standard for both sustainability and naturalness. You don’t need to look into the nitty gritty details to know that our products really are natural. 

Featured Products

At Functionals we supply a Certified Natural Handcream and an Oat Petwash. Each of our products contain no petroleum or artificial fragrances or colours and are made from certified natural ingredients. Our products also contain scientifically tested active ingredients to produce real results.

We aim to expand our range of products to give you all the benefits of natural products.

Take care of your skin

Dry skin?

Dehydrated oily skin? Our skin is amazingly fine tuned to balance itself. As our daily activities and things as simple as the weather causes imbalances our skin, it compensates. Make sure to replenish your skin with non-comedogenic oils to protect against further damage.

Food, alcohol and lifestyle

Diet, alcohol and exercise are all contributors to your skins elasticity, and balance. A lack of proper vitamins can easily cause dry, aged skin and breakouts. Alcohol consumption dehydrates your body and may also comprimise your skin and may even lead to breakouts.

Washing maybe a bit too much?

We all are constantly told to wash our faces and to cleanse our pores. However, one commonly overlooked and simple (we love simple too!) tips is what you do after you wash your face. Treat your face with care, scrubbing too hard during washing and drying and even applying moisturisers can easily damage your skin can cause breakouts.

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Giving Back

At Functionals we believe in social capitalism. We want to measure our success by how much we are able to give back. In order to give back to the wider community, we are partnering with Compassion Australia to provide water, education and hope to those in need. Water pumps and wells to provide clean water to the impoverished. Education will help break the cycle of poverty by enabling people to be able to earn a livelihood on their own.

Compassion Australia is an audited charity meaning that donations end up where they should be. Each purchase contributes to helping those in need.